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Check out some of the projects I've been working on lately. Book a call to chat about your project. 

Project: Website Homepage Copy

Client: Bah Bah Blacktail Farm

Tone: Educational, warm, inspirational

Challenge: Sheep farmer has three seemingly disparate offers that need to be tied together cohesively. Use copy and compelling storytelling to present a homepage that binds offers and leads to logical calls to action. 

Project: Website Copy

Client: Southeast Grind Cafe

Tone: Inviting, Fun, Casual 

Challenge: Unique selling feature of cafe is that it's open 24/7. Use copy to convey important features of cafe to help browsers decide to visit cafe in person. 

Project: Website Copy

Client: Kari's Kritterz Mobile Petting Zoo

Tone: Informative, Caring, Expert

Challenge: Write website copy that answers client's questions about how to book a mobile petting zoo event. Establish credibility persuade visitors to book now. 

Project: Blog Post

Client: Higher Self Hub

Tone: Inspirational, Educational, Persuasive

Challenge: The blog on this affiliate site is designed to draw traffic in for the engaging content then persuade visitors to click on affiliate links. 

Project: Sales Page

Client: Drinking Post Waterers

Tone: Expert, professional, specialty

Challenge: Drinking Posts are an exceptional and unique product that solves many challenges that livestock farmers face. This page was written to highlight the benefits of the product and answer any questions potential clients would ask. 

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